If I send you a photo, can you tell me what my shade is? I don't live near a store that sells the products you talk about.
Um, I am flattered you think I would know what shade you are, but I am not that talented. I still have to ask the people at Sephora/Ulta/Mac to help me pick out shades for my foundation and concealer!

Can you do some videos with some more affordable products?
I would love to, the problem is I have a love affair with somewhat expensive products. My whole makeup collection is filled with them. Should I purchase more affordable products in the future, I will be sure to use them in my tutorials. I promise.

Can anyone wear red lipstick?
YES! Red lipstick is the universal shade of beauty, in my opinion! If you're contemplating a red lip, I'd start with something semi sheer like Mac Viva Glam Cyndi or a sheer wash of Mac Lady Bug. 

What kind of brushes do you use? Where can I buy them?
Most of my brushes are from Sigma and Crown Brush. Sigma Brushes are very affordable brushes that are almost identical to Mac brushes! I own a few Mac brushes as well, but Sigma brushes and Crown Brushes are far more affordable! You can purchase Sigma Brushes here.

Do I really need all those makeup brushes?
Probably not. I would stick with a good powder brush, a good shader brush, a blush brush and a brush to pack on color on your eye. That's really all you need. Check out the Must Have Brushes section for more info!

I have really bad acne. How do you get your face so clear?
Oh, dear. I was blessed with some amazing genes. My mom has always had pretty troublesome skin - even as an adult she struggled with acne. For whatever reason I inherited my father's skin. I have quite dry skin. However, my skin is very sensitive and although I don't get acne, I get rashes! (Ahhh!) I would recommend to anyone currently dealing with acne to follow what your dermatologist recommends and to be sure to wash your face before bed and in the morning. 

What is your skin care routine?
My basic skin care routine is pretty laid back - I wash my face with soothing and calming products. I always, always, always remove my makeup before bed and I recommend a good cleanser for your skin type. I only use salicylic acid (acne preventing chemical in most skin care soaps like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Clean and Clear Daily Facial Wash, etc.) twice a week. I have very dry skin, so products that have chemicals, scents, colorants, and super exfoliating micro-beads tend to irritate my skin.

I have sensitive skin, what products do you recommend?
Well, I really think its hard to guarantee products won't cause you to break out, but I have found that all of the products I use in my videos have done well on my skin. I highly recommend testing everything you purchase behind your ear before rubbing it all over your face. I've had luck with higher end makeup brands for sensitive skin. I cannot wear Mac Foundations because I am allergic to their foundations and face powders. Chanel and Laura Mercier are two of my favorite brands for foundations and face powders that don't react poorly with my skin. Overall I find gentle cleansers like Cetaphil's Cleanser, St. Ives Olive Oil Moisturizing Facial Wash, and Mary Kay's Makeup Cleansing Cloths work well for my skin. I also recommend Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion as a daily moisturizer for very dry skin!

Were those products given to you? Do you pay for all your products?
A few items were given to me as presents. Almost all of the products I use in my videos and on the website I purchased myself. If I use any product that was given to me or provided to me by a company or a product representative, I will be sure to disclose to you which product and my honest opinion of the product.  

Will you do a tutorial on me?
Um, not if you're a stranger. Nope. Sorry. I will feature some of my friends in some of my upcoming tutorials though to give you guys some ideas on some looks for people with different skin tones.  

Do you paint your nails everyday? 
Almost everyday, sometimes twice a day!

What base coat/top coat do you recommend? 
I haven't really ever used base coats in my life! Ahhh! But I do use OPI's Original Nail Envy as a base coat right now. I highly recommend it for dry, brittle, peeling nails! It's one of my HOLY GRAIL products! (It is a bit pricey, but totally worth it!) I love Seche Vite as a top coat. Dries quickly and adds tons of shine to my nails!
Your videos won't play for me, help!?
Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer. Try downloading the latest version here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?promoid=BUIGP

What kind of camera do you use?
Sony HandyCam or HD Flip

What software do you use to edit your videos?
Adobe Premier Elements

What kind of computer do you have?
I'm a former Apple employee, so I'll tell you this: I not only sold the products, I used the products! Dun, dun, dun!

Can you make a tutorial on how to make a video?
I can, but I probably won't. I suggest you check out some great YouTube videos out there. Just search: How to ____(fill in the blank)_____ and it's probably on YouTube already!

Who does all the technical coding lingo jingo for you?
I do. I am a tech nerd and pretty proud of it. :)

Can you teach me some tech lingo jingo?
No. But like I said before, I am sure there is a video out there to help you. Check out YouTube.

Why don't you fill out blog tag awards?
I appreciate the nice words and blog tag awards, but in the time that it takes me to fill one out, I could be writing another post filled with content for my readers. I love networking and making new friends, but I get tagged a lot and blog tag awards take up time. I appreciate them, but I just can't possibly fill them all out. Thank you!

What's your name?

How old are you?
I am 23. 

What's your ethnicity? Greek? Italian? Spanish? Puerto Rican? Indian?
I am of mixed race. I am half Czech (white) and half Hispanic (Mexican/Spanish).

Where do you live? 
I live in a big city (did I mention cold and loud?) in the Northern Midwest (hum, wonder which one it could be!?).

You don't sound like you're from the Midwest. You say "y'all".
Yes, I grew up in Texas. Yeeeehaw! ;)

Do you work? 
Not currently. I used to work at a law firm.

Are you in school to be a makeup artist?
No. I'm a law student in my final year of law school and I just really love makeup. I am also pursuing my legal masters in Information Technology Law - yeah, sounds like a big deal, right? Hahaha. It's not really that big a deal. :)

How can your afford all that makeup?
I save. I buy when there are sales. (I'll share the sales offers I receive with you! No worries!)

What is your Mac foundation shade?
NC 25

Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend?
Unmarried. The boyfriend thing changes over time. Sometimes I have one, sometimes I don't. ;) hahaha.  

Does anyone pay you to do all this?
Nope. Not yet! :)

Why are you in law school if you like makeup so much?
"You can't handle the truth!" Can anyone guess the movie? Clearly, all lawyers do all day long is write motions, go to court and maim witnesses on the stand, right? hahahaha. I thought so too. Law and Order: SVU is soooooo misleading! Jeez! 

Are you honest when you review products?
Always. I don't see the point in lying about a bad product. I read the same review sites you do. If someone lies to me and I buy a product and I hate it, I'm going to be mad. I might even stop reading that person's blogs or watching their videos. So, why would I be dishonest to you? I want you to keep reading! I want you to comment! I want you to appreciate and love what I do!

You always have products I want, but are already sold out. If you see a ___insert coveted item here_ at the store, will you buy me one and I'll pay you back?
Can't do that. Unfortunately, I am not equipped to take orders for coveted products. Although I do frequent Ulta, Sephora, the Mac Pro Store and counter at Macy's & Nordstrom, Bloomingdales. Unfortunately, I just cannot fulfill your request. Sorry. 

I have questions about law school, do you mind answering a few of them?
I don't think I am the best person to ask about law school. I would recommend you talk to your school counselor, a law school advisor or someone more qualified to answer any questions you have. When you've been through 3 years of law school, you start to get kind of jaded. Otherwise, good luck in your legal career!