Saturday, February 12, 2011

New OPI Shatter Polishes and China Glaze's Crackle Polish - Don't miss out!

The world of Shatter has just begun. If you loved OPI's Black Shatter then just wait! In April OPI will be releasing two new polishes - OPI's White Shatter and OPI's Silver Shatter. Say what? Yes, after the success of OPI's Black Shatter, OPI has decided to release two new shatter polishes.

Here are some examples of the polishes that I found on MBeautyLounge. If you are intersted in these polishes, be sure to add your name to MBeautyLounge's email notification system. It will be well worth the hassle, as I am sure these two polishes will be ultra popular! PLEASE NOTE: I have received reliable information that MBeautyLounge is not a company I would like to be affiliated with nor promote further. Apparently a lot of people have had issues with their customer service. I apologize to any of you who had an unfavorable experience with them. I would never have recommended them had I known there would be so many issues. I have not personally had any issues with MBeautyLounge, but the overwhelming number of complaints on the web indicate to me that MBeautyLounge is not a reliable source for nail polish nor takes their customer service seriously. I do not recommend using their services.

OPI's White Shatter is offered in a set with Serena Williams Grand Slam set. The Grand Slam set includes a lovely gold shimmer polish (Spark de Triomphe) that I think is absolutely fabulous. I'll be adding my name to the MBeautyLounge email might want to too if these polishes entice you!
Also being released by China Glaze is the Crackle Glaze set. This set includes six colors and will be available sometime this month. I also recommend putting your information down with MBeautyLounge to get an update when these polishes are available for purchase. I am not affiliated with MBeautyLounge, I just have had a lot of success with their pre-ordering system and I support businesses that work.   I am also frank when businesses treat my readers poorly. I have received a lot of confirmed accounts that MBeautyLounge is not a reliable company nor has the level of customer service that anyone would expect from a worthwhile company.

The color offers in China Glaze's Crackle Glaze set include Lighning Bolt (crackle white), Cracked Concrete (crackle gray), Black Mesh (crackle black), Crushed Candy (cracked turquoise-blue-green), Broken Hearted (cracked pink -- my personal favorite!), and Fault Lines (cracked purple). What do you think? Is it cool to be a copy-cat? I think the hot pink (Broken hearted) is awesome. I really want that polish...not going to lie even a little bit!

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