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Friday, May 27, 2011

Givenchy Je veux la Lune 2011 Autumn - Winter Collection

Release Date:  August 22, 2011


Lune Eyeshadow Duo
White Eyeshadow with Black Eyeshadow

Lune Eyeshadow Duo
Yellow Highlighter with Blue Eyeshadow

Yellow Highlighter with Blue Eyeshadow
Lune Rosee, No. 41
Left:  Lune Argente No. 15,  Right:  Lune Carmen No. 31

Marine Blue,  No. 16

Liv Tyler will be the new face for Givenchy's launch of it's new mascara "Demesure Audacious Lashes"

Mascara Demesure

Collection to Include:

Mascara Demesure: 3 D Telescopic Brush

Les Ombre de Lune

Illuminating powder for the cheeks, eyes, face and an intense eye shadow for a twi light effect
  • Lune Mysterieuse No. 1:  Black moon in a cremy white sky (limited edition) - white highlighter and black eyeshadow (for pale skin tones with rose undertones)
  • Lune Mordoree No. 2:  Nigh blue moon in a golden sky (limited edition) - yellow highlighter and navy eye shadow (for mid-dark skin, yellow undertones)

Le Prisme Blush-Glow
  • Lune Rosee No. 41:  Dainty sculpting blush wiht a fun pearly colours (limited edition)

Rouge Interdit - $29.00 US
  • Lune Carmin No. 52:  Dark sensual red (limited edition)

Gloss Interdit - $26.50 US
  • Lune Carmin No. 31:  Dark sensual red (limited edition)
  • Lune Argentee No. 15:  Opalescent veil (limited edition) - sheer fab pink with silver sparkles

Magic Khol
  • Marine Blue No. 16:  Black with bold blue reflections

Note:  Not all prices are available yet

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chanel 2011 Fall Makeup Collection Preview From Paris

Left to Right:  529 Graphite, 525 Quartz, and 531 Peridot

What we know now will be included in the Fall 201 Makeup collection: 

  • 24 Karat Liquid Gold Eyeliner
  • Rouge Allure Velvet Collection Lipstick
  • Les 4 ombres in Topkapi
  • Jouses contraste Blush in OR (gold), Rouge (red) and Mocha 
  • Soin Tendre Levres - Clear Lip Balm
  • Le Vernis in Shade #437 Coromandel (repromote)
  • Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstikcs
El dorado Joues Contraste blush which was previously released in teh US as a limited edition blush was used int eh Paris' fashion week, but that doesn't necesarrily mean they will re-release it for the fall.  

It looks as thought the chrome nail trend isn't going away any time soon and will roll right into the fall shades.  All three nail polishes, Graphite, Quartz and Peridot are all very pearly and very shinny.

I'm really loving all three of the nail polishes and I can't wait to try the gold eyeliner and's just something new!!!9

Monday, May 16, 2011

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) - Launches Summer 2011 - May 19 US/June Intl

This & That

Mix & Switch

Pretty & Plum

Thunder & Rain

Sage & Wisdom

Thunder & Rain

Mix & Switch
(Frosty dirty copper/Satin beige)

Thunder and Rain
(Frost blue purple/satin grey)
This and That
(Frost beige rose/Satin light beige)
Heaven & Earth
(Frost deep teal/Satin black)

Sage & Wisdom
Frost light green/Satin deep green

Pretty & Plum
(Frosty rose burgundy/Satin yellow pink)

Product Details:
6 Shades 
2.5 g/.08 US oz

"Mineralize Duo Shadows have two coordinating shades baked together in one pan.  The finish is a super fine pearl leaving soft dimensional shimmer on the skin"

I may buy a couple of these as you all know, I love MAC products so I can hardly ever stay away from any of their launches altogether :)  I think the shades are pretty common, so nothing is really jumping out at me screaming "buy me," but when I actually swatch the product, I'll probably change my mind :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

HOURGLASS Summer 2011


 Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss - $26.00
  • Eden (peachy beige)
  • Heroin (creamy pink)
  • Hypnotic (golden berry shimmer)
  • Ingenue (nude beige)
  • Legend (dusty rose)
  • Opium (plum bronze shimmer)
  • Pulse (golden strawberry shimmer)
  • Surreal (iridescent pale pink)

Script Precision Liquid Liner - $32
  • Jett

Script Precision Liquid Liner
 Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss

Script Precision Liquid Liner                                                     

These liners are being hailed by Hourglass as "a revolutionary new eyeliner boasting one of the smallest felt tips on the market!The micro-fine, razor-point applicator measure just .5mm and allows for unprecedented precision and exceptional control - if you love Calligraphy, you will love this tool"

I like the tips by Hourglass Artistic Director Gina Brooke below:
"Prepare your lids with concealer to cover any discoloration and apply your eye shadow as usual.  If you're feeling unsure about applying liquid liner, try sketching a guide line with an eye pencil or matte shadow first.  Make the guide as close to the lash line as possible.  Tilt your head backwards and gently pull the eyelid taut with your free hand.  With liner in hand, start in the middle of the eye and work outward along teh top lash line using a series of short, overlapping strokes, gradually applying pressure for a thicker line as you work your way to the corner.

Lastly, line the inner upper corner of eye and the bottom if you seek a more intense look.  If you make a mistake, dab a Q-tip into some eye makeup remover and gently erase the spots.

Aside from using it as a liner, Script can be used to create the illusion of larger eyes by filling in between bottom lashes.  More adventurous wearers can extend the line out for a retro cat eye.  I even use it to draw lashes at teh bottom of the lower lash line and beauty mark."

Script shade is called Jett

Monday, May 9, 2011

NARS Summer 2011 Collection



  • Blush in New Order - $27.00 US
  • Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage - $25.00
  • Lipstick in Mayflower - $24.00 US
  • Lip gloss in Wonder - $24.00 US
  • Velvette Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero - $24.00 US

    • The Eye Shadows in Cap Ferrat - $45.00 US
    • Duo Eye Shadows in Dogon (metallic beige and a metallic royal navy) - $33.00 US
    • Duo Eye Shadows in Exotic Dance - $33 US
    • Soft Touch Eye Shadow Pencil in Deep Chartreuse Glitter - $24.00 US
    • Volumizing Mascara - $25 US
    Nail Polish - $17.00 US
    • Ecume, Matte White - $17.00 US
    • Kismert, Shimmering Sunflower - $17 US
     Product Details:
    Left to Right:  Cap Ferrat, Exotic Dance, Dogon

    Source:  Nars Cosmetics Official Site

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soleil Collection for Summer 2011

         Preview of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Soleil Collection for Summer 2011

    Eye Shadow Palette

    Soft Matte Bronzer

    Soft Duo Bronzer - Amber Bronze, Medium Duo

    Sea Star Bronzing Blush

    Liquid Bronzer

    Bronze Goddess Soleil Fragrance (Limited Edition)

    Bronze Goddess Fragrance (Limited Edition)

    Duo Eye Pencil (Pink Teal)

    Duo Eye Pencil (Gold Bronze)

    Bronze Goddess Island Oasis EyeShadow Palette - $42.00
    Palette includes shimmering metallics and sunlit satin shadows.  The Palette contains 6 complementary shades to wear alone or together

    Duo Eye Pencil - $20.00 US
    • Gold Bronze 
    • Pink Teal 
    "Two tempting eye shades for the ultimate goddess effect.  The intense, stay true color is long wearing with high shimmer metallic finish.  The smooth formula glides on easily and feels comfortable.  Can be used two ways for definition adn drama; apply to lash line as a liner or all over the lid as a shadow." - Estee Lauder Website
     Pure Color Gloss - $20.00 US
    • Blazing Coral Sparkle
    • Plum Divine Shimmer
    • Sun Burst Sparkle (Limited Edition)
    Pure Color Crystal Lipstick - $24.00
    • Tiramasu
    Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush - $34.00
    "Bronze goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush is feather light and enhances any skin's bronzed complexion with a warm sun kissed glow.  Featuring an artful starfish resting on a shimmering sand inspired background, the silky, soft powder bronzing blush gives skin a naturally radiant, smooth, sun kissed finish.  Buildable coverage. " - Estee Lauder Website
    Bronzers - $30.00
    "Silky Luxurious Powder Bronzer.  Unique oil control complex keeps skin shine free and comfortable.  Smooth, oil free poweder is perfect for giving face, shoulders and decolletage a healthy bronze look.  Oversized compact with contoured brush.  Designed to create a the look of a fabulous tan.  
    Non-acnegenic, fragrance free.  Dermatologist tested" - Estee Lauder Website
    • Soft Matte Bronzer
    • Soft Shimmer Bronzer
    • Soft Duo Bronzer (Amber Bronze medium/Amber Bronze Rich)
      • Two ways to give yourself a healthy glow
        • Super luxurious powder bronzer duo
        • Unique oil control complex keeps skin shine free and comfortable
        • Two smooth, oil free shades blend brilliantly to give face, shoulders and decolletage a seductive bronze look
    Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer - $28.50 (Limited Edition) 

    Pure Color Nail Lacquer - $19.00 US
    • Shimmering Bronze (Limited Edition)
    Bronze Goddes Soleil Fragrance - $55.00/3.4 oz (Limited Edition)
    "Summer's new sun kissed fragrance.  Inspired by the warm of the mediterranean, a citrus floral blend with notes of Bergamot and Orange Blossom. Fragrance Type:  Solar Citrus Floral" -Estee Lauder Website

    Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder Fragrance - $55.00/3.4 oz (Limited Edition)
    "The fragrance tht worships every inch of you.  A sensious, sundrenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian gardenia Petals and Coconut, warmed with Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver" - Estee Lauder Website

    I purchased several this collection of which will be the upcoming featured products of the week if you want to follow along. If you want to check out my product photos and swatches and comparison swatches, please visit:

    Here's the list of what I purchased from the collection:
    • Bronze Goddess Eye Shadow Palette 
    • Bronze Goddess Duo Eye Pencil 
    • Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush 
    • Pure Color Crystal Lipstick