Sunday, May 15, 2011

HOURGLASS Summer 2011


 Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss - $26.00
  • Eden (peachy beige)
  • Heroin (creamy pink)
  • Hypnotic (golden berry shimmer)
  • Ingenue (nude beige)
  • Legend (dusty rose)
  • Opium (plum bronze shimmer)
  • Pulse (golden strawberry shimmer)
  • Surreal (iridescent pale pink)

Script Precision Liquid Liner - $32
  • Jett

Script Precision Liquid Liner
 Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss

Script Precision Liquid Liner                                                     

These liners are being hailed by Hourglass as "a revolutionary new eyeliner boasting one of the smallest felt tips on the market!The micro-fine, razor-point applicator measure just .5mm and allows for unprecedented precision and exceptional control - if you love Calligraphy, you will love this tool"

I like the tips by Hourglass Artistic Director Gina Brooke below:
"Prepare your lids with concealer to cover any discoloration and apply your eye shadow as usual.  If you're feeling unsure about applying liquid liner, try sketching a guide line with an eye pencil or matte shadow first.  Make the guide as close to the lash line as possible.  Tilt your head backwards and gently pull the eyelid taut with your free hand.  With liner in hand, start in the middle of the eye and work outward along teh top lash line using a series of short, overlapping strokes, gradually applying pressure for a thicker line as you work your way to the corner.

Lastly, line the inner upper corner of eye and the bottom if you seek a more intense look.  If you make a mistake, dab a Q-tip into some eye makeup remover and gently erase the spots.

Aside from using it as a liner, Script can be used to create the illusion of larger eyes by filling in between bottom lashes.  More adventurous wearers can extend the line out for a retro cat eye.  I even use it to draw lashes at teh bottom of the lower lash line and beauty mark."

Script shade is called Jett

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