Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Brow Express Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Palette

This is by far one of my favorite eyebrow palettes I have ever used! It comes in Blonde or a Brunette Palette

The palette comes with 5 eyebrow high quality plastic stencils to use when applying the eyebrow powder, including the following: high arch, full arch, petite arch, medium arch and slim high arch. While I have to be honest, I have never really used the arch templates; I can see how they might be helpful to a novice.

The palette I purchased comes with two brunette powders, brunette 1 (dark brown) and brunette 2 (a taupe brown), a highlighter cream to use just below the eyebrow and wax cream which works fabulously for holding your newly shaped eye brow shape and color in place.

I love this palette becomes it is the first eye brow kit that I have found that allows me to create a very natural eye brow look without making the eye brows appear drawn on. In addition, I find the brunette 2 color (a taupe brown) to be a very natural looking color for those who really do not have dark brown eye brows, nor light brown. It’s a perfect color for those of us who have the “in between” brown color eyebrows. I found this product over a year ago and have used nothing but it since and have turned on several of my friends to it. It’s especially nice for the more maturing woman to whose eyebrows have thinned with age. Lastly, the product lasts all day!!!

Excellent product, easy to travel with, lasts a long time!!! I love it and will continue to buy it as long as it’s made.

Beauty Report Card:

Pigmentation in Packaging vs. Pigmentation on Skin:
Color in packaging is identical to the actual application on the eyebrow.

Stay-On Power: A
Stays on all day, but does look better if refreshed mid-day

Very natural, even look

Easy to apply and covers evenly throughout eye brows

Packaging: A-
Thin, sleek packaging with magnetic clasps ensuring palette does not accidentally pop open makes it very easy to travel with or toss in a purse for touch up later. There is no way to prevent the fallout from the powder to keep from getting mixed into the eyebrow wax and highlighter.
Overall Rating: A

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