Friday, May 27, 2011

Givenchy Je veux la Lune 2011 Autumn - Winter Collection

Release Date:  August 22, 2011


Lune Eyeshadow Duo
White Eyeshadow with Black Eyeshadow

Lune Eyeshadow Duo
Yellow Highlighter with Blue Eyeshadow

Yellow Highlighter with Blue Eyeshadow
Lune Rosee, No. 41
Left:  Lune Argente No. 15,  Right:  Lune Carmen No. 31

Marine Blue,  No. 16

Liv Tyler will be the new face for Givenchy's launch of it's new mascara "Demesure Audacious Lashes"

Mascara Demesure

Collection to Include:

Mascara Demesure: 3 D Telescopic Brush

Les Ombre de Lune

Illuminating powder for the cheeks, eyes, face and an intense eye shadow for a twi light effect
  • Lune Mysterieuse No. 1:  Black moon in a cremy white sky (limited edition) - white highlighter and black eyeshadow (for pale skin tones with rose undertones)
  • Lune Mordoree No. 2:  Nigh blue moon in a golden sky (limited edition) - yellow highlighter and navy eye shadow (for mid-dark skin, yellow undertones)

Le Prisme Blush-Glow
  • Lune Rosee No. 41:  Dainty sculpting blush wiht a fun pearly colours (limited edition)

Rouge Interdit - $29.00 US
  • Lune Carmin No. 52:  Dark sensual red (limited edition)

Gloss Interdit - $26.50 US
  • Lune Carmin No. 31:  Dark sensual red (limited edition)
  • Lune Argentee No. 15:  Opalescent veil (limited edition) - sheer fab pink with silver sparkles

Magic Khol
  • Marine Blue No. 16:  Black with bold blue reflections

Note:  Not all prices are available yet

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