Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MAC'S STUDIO FINISH CONCEALER...Sorry MAC, but I think you can do better!!!



Top Left to Right:  NC15, NW15, NC20, NW20, N225, NC30, NW30
Bottom Left to Right:  NC35,NC42,NW40,NC45,NW45,NC50,NW50

Most of you know by now that, in general, I really like MAC products, especially their eye shadows.  I am always on a hunt for that under eye, dark circle concealer.  There are some that I definitely think are better than others, but none that I have been completely, 100% sold on, so I continue to search....:)

I purchased the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 which, like many of MAC products, have a fairly good skin tone match.  It also has SPF35 protection which is always a plus.  I never understand why anyone would purchase concealer/foundation without SPF protection, especially when so many products out there have it now.  

Anyways, I think the color match is excellent, and the coverage works quite well on blemishes, and skin discoloration, however, I have to tell you...I don't like the way the concealer likes to settle in my fine lines when applied under the eye to cover dark circles.  Now, you tell me, why would I want to use a product that is suppose to conceal my dark circles if its going to settle in my fine lines and draw even more attention to the very area I am trying to conceal???

I think I will pass on this concealer as there are way too many on the market to settle for one that settles in the fine lines.

Sorry, MAC, but I think you can do better!

Product Details:
Price:  $17 for 7g/.24 oz
"Emollient-based designed to cover skin's imperfections and discolorations, dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks.  It is enriched with antioxidants (derivatives of vitamin A and vitamin E) and contains silica to help absorbs the skin's oils.  Water resistant, fragrance free and non-acnegenic." - Mac Website

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