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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sigma New Makeup Line - Sneak Peek!

A little birdy on Twitter aka - Simone Sigma the founder of Sigma has reported that Sigma will be launching a new makeup line in 6-8 weeks. The new line includes three different palettes: Flare, Dare, and Bare. Each palette also includes it's own dual ended brush!
  • Flare includes a bright range of colors for those who are not afraid of color. Flare comes with the Sigma E55 and E40.
  • Dare reminds me of a dessert themed palette with colors that range from tans, to golds, to deep copper reds. Dare comes with the Sigma E20 and E45.
  • Bare is a soft neutral palette that ranges in colors from traditional neutrals to deep sparkly black shades!  Bare comes with the Sigma E30 and E25! 
 The cost of each palette will be $35 which is a steal since each dual ended brush usually retails for $18 alone! I'm really excited about this announcement and I just had to share. Enjoy!

Sigma Palette - Flare
Sigma Palette - Bare
Sigma Palette - Dare
E20, E45, E55, E40, E30, E25

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011 Collection Preview - Les Fleurs d'Été de Chanel - Available in April 2011 for U.S.

Chanel's new Summer 2011 Collection entitled Les Fleurs d'Été de Chanel (Chanel's Flowers of Summer) has a few items that have really sparked my interest. I have already pre-ordered the Chanel Mimosa nail polish and the Chanel Bronze Corail Bronzer. Maybe once the collection hits a counter near me I will make a few more purchases. Do any of these items spark your interest?

Release in U.S. set for April 2011.

Bronzer - Soleil Tan de Chanel

  • Bronze Corail Deep Beige with Coral Highlight
  • Bronze Rose Natural Beige with Rose Highlight

Lip Gloss - Glossimer

  • Aurore Light Orange with Pink Shimmer
  • Pink Peony Pink
  • Pensee Pink Coral with Gold Shimmer

Eyeshadow Quad

  • Lilim Quad Deep Green, Light Green, Gray, Beig

Nail Lacquer

  • Mimosa Bright Lemon Yellow with Microshimmer
  • Beige Petale Beige Rose
  • Morning Rose Rose

Eye Liner - Stylo Yeux Waterproof Liner

  • Rose Platine Silvery Rose
 Source: BellaSugar

    Friday, February 25, 2011




    The Jeanus Eyeshadow collection is simply too cute! 

    Although we've seen similar collections in the past playing up jean material as makeup (Bobbi Brown's Denim and Rose Collection last Fall), I like the play on words this collection offers. I also think it's awesome how the shadows truly look like jean material. I like the color selection for the eyeshadows as well. I'm totally excited about the Biker Blue nail polish!  I love the black base in it. It should be really fun to wear. I'm pretty excited about the lipsticks as well as I think the color choices are all very wearable on wide variety of skin tones. I've never been a great fan of lipglass, so this won't be a big draw for me, but if you are a lipglass fan, the colors look fantastic!  I'm really curious about the Overdyed blush.  It could be radiant on the cheeks, but this one I'd definitely have to test before buying :) I guess, time will tell :)

    Jeanus Collection Eyeshadows (Limited Edition)
    Motorhead:  Mid-tone Blue with Copper Pearl
    White Jeanus:  White with Silver Pearl
    Diva in Distress:  Mid-tone Gray with Silver Pearl
    Stove Pipe Black - Black with Copper Pearl

    Nail Lacquer (Limited Edition)
    Biker Blue:  Black Base with Purple Blue Pearl

    Nail Lacquer (Limited Addition)
    Frayed-to-Order - White Matte with Soft Pink Duochrome Pearl

    Lipglass (Limited Addition)
    Left to Right:
    Docile - Chrome Pink Peach with Gold
    Indigo Pink - Deep Burgandy with Blue Pearl
    Painted On- Grayish Beige with Gold Pearl

    Lipstick (Limited and Permanent Additions)
    Left to Right:
    Acid Washed - Grayish Beige with Gold Pearl
    Pretty Please - Pale Pink Pearl
    Riveting Rose - Deep Burgandy with Blue Pearl

    Blush (Limited Edition)
    Pink Cult - Mid Tone Neutral
    Overdyed - Bright Magenta
    Eyeshadow: $19.50
    Nail Polish:  ($13.00 US/15.50 CDN)
    Lipstick/Lipglass:  ($14.50 US/17.50 CDN)
    Blush:  ($18.50 US/21.50 CDN)
    Penultimate Brow Maker ($16.50 US/20 CDN)
    Penultimate Eye Liner ($16.50 US/20.00 CDN)

    MAC Supreme Sheen Lipsticks - Have My Fingers Crossed!!!!

    MAC Supreme Sheen Lipsticks
    Launches March 3rd!!!

    I have high hopes for these!  I always loved the MAC SlimShines so I'm "so" hoping these will be their replacement and of course hoping these work as well for me as the SlimShines did. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed and can't wait to get my hands on some of these!!!! What do you guys think???  Share your initial thoughts!

    Price:  US $14.50 and CDN $17.50

    Shades (Permanent):  
    • New Temptation - Vivid Blue Red
    • Insanely - Watermelon  Pink
    • Behave Yourself - Light Blue Pink
    • Gotta Dash - Pale Coral
    • Bare Again - Pinky Neutral Beige
    • Impressive - Neutral Gilded Plum
    • can't Resist - Golden Purplish Red
    • Quite The Thing - Deep Blue Plum
    • Can't Bet Enough - Beige Neutral
    • supremely Confident - Pale Nude
    • Look at Her! - Matellic Copper
    • Good To Be Bad - Deep Burgandy
    • Full speed - Bright Yellow Pink

    MAC Creme Blend Blushes Launch March 3rd!!!

    MAC's Cremeblend Blush Launches March 3rd!!!
    Will YOU be a Fan?

    Left to Right:  So Sweet, so Easy (pink), Something Special (Coral Light),Posey  (Warm Peach), Ladyblush (Neutral Coral), BritWit (Dusty rose Mauve), Tea Petal (Mid Tone Reddish Brown)

    Price:  $19.50 US and $23.50 CDN

    Source:  Temptalia